To specify a task or a service request

When we receive a request for a change or a call of a function in an online store , it takes detailed information to help us shorten lead times to perform each task. The following points should you as a customer to think about getting in your description of your service contract , or call to get the best help. We have also developed tips on tools that can make it easier. If you need help creating a description so please contact the service team and we will do this together.

Sample image:


example of how an image looks

1 ) I do not have as much air here


1. Specifying a new file:
a) Enter the store matter to be performed on .
b ) If possible, please reference to another page which has similar functionality / design.
c ) Compose a clear explanation of what you want done , preferably by an explanatory picture .
examples of image :

2nd Specifying call ( bug )
a) Your customer number .
b ) the name of your online store and address ( your URL ) to your online store .
c) a description of the problem so we can reproduce it in your online store .
d) a URL to the page you want to change or where the error occurs .
e ) Screenshots * from the Browser ( browser) you are using , preferably illustrated in one tool * to further clarify where the page fault.
f) Have you , or Nordic e-commerce on your behalf , modified (changed in some files via WebDav ) webshop in a way you suspect may be causing the problem ?
- If you yourself have changed , what files isf
g ) What, if anything , have you done to remedy the problem ?
h) the date on which you suspect the function ceased functioning.
i) What do you mean, webshop should behave rather than how it does now?

2.1) Problems associated with orders to make .
a) provide at least an order number where the problem occurred.
b ) Please indicate whether you or the client has been logged in the system.

2.2) Does the problem of customers to make ,
a) set up an account number where the problem occurred.
b ) Try to find out which web browser the client uses


Tips on good tool for specifying

Tools that we ourselves use to make simpler specifications internally and between us in the Nordic e-commerce , and between us and the customer.

- Awesome Screenshot : Capture & Annotat
Plugin that you can install in your browser to take ( screenshots) screenshoots on a web page where you can select an area , or add an arrow and text.
Since there are different versions for different browsers ( crome , firefox, internet explorer, safari ets. ) So you can just search on Awesome Screenshot : Capture & Annotate so charging you just downloaded the plugin that suits your browser

- Pixlr ,
Easy and free web-based image editor , where you can import a screenshot (Ctrl + PrtSc ) and make easier if disponeringar of your various elements.

- Balsamiq ,
Tools for making sketches of the interface

Paint and Preview

Paint in Windows and preview for MAC is built into each OS and are suitable for bug reports or simple suggestions. An arrow , circle , two lines of text , etc. is usually all it takes .

Plugin for Firefox,